Methods engineering of biomolecular and cellular assays

Methods engineering of biomolecular and cellular assays

Intersection of FOXO and RUNX1 gene-expression programs in single breast epithelial cells during morphogenesis and tumor progression. (2011) Proc Natl Acad Sci, 108, E803-12. [link to article]

Problem solving subject to constraints is the hallmark of engineering design (1). We adopt a design approach to invent new methods for interrogating cells and biomolecules. Our goal is to develop bioassays that are sensitive, quantitative, and as high-throughput and multiplex as possible. Most importantly, they should be reliable, generalizable, and shareable.

In the realm of signal transduction, we have developed and expanded high-throughput methods for profiling protein phosphatase activities (2, 3). These methods are now being applied to chronic viral infections along with a technique under development for a multiplex kinase activity assay. We also seek to extend or standardize established methods. For example, we have scaled quantitative real-time PCR to the entire human signaling receptome (4) and set standards for quantitative immunoblotting (5). Beyond empirical methods, we have completed a software platform for digital segmentation of brightfield images of 3D organoid cultures (to be submitted).

Selected Publications

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