Video tutorials

Using the aligner tool in ApE

DNA recombinations using ApE

Figure polishing and small-multiple replication

Image processing of immunoblot data

Image processing of multicolor fluorescence data

Immunoblot densitometry

Intraductal injections of human breast cancer cells into SCID-beige mice

Nonlinear least-squares curve fitting in Excel

Putting molecular-weight markers on Licor immunoblots

Use of Igor

Stochastic Profiling Hands-on Workshop

    • Introductory Lecture [PDF] [Video]
    • Sample Preparation [PDF] [Video]
    • Laser-capture Microdissection and Poly(A) Amplification [PDF] [Video]
    • Quantitative PCR with Stochastic Profiling Samples [PDF] [Video]
      • Troubleshooting [PDF]
    • Reamplification and Purification for RNA-seq [PDF] [Video]
    • Monte Carlo Simulation [PDF] [Video]
    • Array Processing [PDF] [Video]
    • Maximum Likelihood Inference [PDF] [Video]
    • Applications [PDF Part 1] [PDF Part 2] [Video]
    • Hands-on Research Update [Video]
      • Amelia Helms [PDF]
      • Alan Zwart [PDF]
      • Bryan Cardiac [PDF]
      • Meyer Waters [PDF]
      • Joseph Shin [PDF]
      • Will Matern [ PDF]
      • Amanda Pellowe [PDF]
      • Yuan Stoch [PDF]

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